A candle does not flicker where no wind blows

When mind, intellect and self are under control,
freed from restless desire, you find peace within.

"A yoga by the grace of the spirit within himself,
finds fulfillment." Bhagavad Gita



Chakras Chakras regulate energy. Like revolving doors or whirling vortex they unite the inner spirit with the physcial world radiating out from your spinal cord.They form the energic system which like your nervous and circulatory systems networks throughout your body. Any disturbance in the core enrgy of yur spine affects your arms, legs and head.
Posture Yoga practice should help strengthen the abdominals and improve posture. Standing and sitting erect thru out the day re-enforces your practice.
Asanas Yoga poses or postures are called asanas. They open your energy pathways, so chi or life force flows smoothly. Specific asanas are prescribed to balance the flow and correct minor maladies.

Featured asanas: Morning Wake Up
Back Care

Seasons Learning to live with nature brings balance to body and mind.

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